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Lemon Water


One of my first steps towards taking better care of myself in 2015 is to limit my intake of coffee. Over the past four or five years, I have developed quite the addiction… seven or eight cups a day kind of addiction. I don’t even want to know what that is doing to my body so I’m limiting myself to ONE (maybe two) cups.

My substitution is lemon water. I’ve read countless articles about the benefits that lemon water can have for your body and these are a few of my favorite reasons:

1. Boosts your immune system. Hello Vitamin C. 

2. Enhances your mood. Lemon energizes you and can help reduce anxiety and depression. 

3. It’s cleansing. The little yellow fruit helps detoxify the liver, clears skin, and freshens breath. 

(info from Healthy Holistic Living and Lauren Conrad)

There is also this awesome lemon tree/bush that has so many lemons in our backyard that I just do not want to waste!

Lemon Water 2

After just four days, I feel great. I’m not getting as tired in the afternoon and I’m sleeping so much better.. Waking up refreshed and not needing to reach for the coffee… It seems kind of ironic. Anyways, I’ll keep you posted! Eventually I would like to cut out coffee completely or have it as a treat every so often but we will see. Hehe.

What are your substitutions for coffee? I’ve heard green tea is a winner so I think that’s my next step!